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Front Page Properties is happy to handle your maintenance needs as promptly as possible, but before submitting a Maintenance Request, please check for these things:

  • Air Conditioner or Heater not working? Make sure filter is clean and thermostat is set properly.

  • Toilet stopped up? Use a plunger several times to try to unclog.

  • Drains don't drain? Check for hair clogs, bottle caps, toothpaste covers, etc.

  • Faucet water comes out slow? Unscrew aerator and rinse. There is no aerator in bathtub.

  • Lights don't work? Check bulbs and switches.

  • Garbage disposal stuck? Turn off power, check for debris, use reset button on disposal, run water, turn on disposal for check.

  • Electricity, water, or gas off? Has your bill been paid? Yes. Did you set up utilities for your move in? Yes. Call the City and ask if work is being done in your area on any utilities.

  • Dishwasher will not turn on? Make sure switch is on and dishwasher door is closed and locked.

Please report any and all water leaks, rodents, carpenter ants, or termites.

If you still have a maintenance problem, please submit your information in the space below:


Thanks for submitting!


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